1. I often get up early in the morning. She often gets up early in the morning.
  2. I got up at 5 am this morning. She got up at 6 am yesterday morning.
  3. I walk along the beach to relax. She walks along the beach to relax.
  4. I walked in on them kissing. She walked in on us making out.
  5. I shop around with my friends. She shops around with her friends
  6. I shopped around yesterday. She shopped around for the best deal.
  7. I eat a lot after my workout. She eats a hamburger before she goes out.
  8. I ate the whole pizza for dinner. She ate like a bird when she was little.
  9. I brush my teeth, rinse my mouth out, wash my face, tak a shower and go to work by bike.
  10. She brushes her teeth, rinses her mouth out, washes her face, takes a shower and goes to work by car.
  11. we clean out our ears. We pick our nose. We dye our hair black.
  12. She cleans out her ears. She picks her nose. She dyes her hair black.
  13. They talk in a friendly way . She talks in a lovely way.
  14. They talked about a lot of things in life. She talked about fashion and movies.
  15. I want to have a good job. She wants to have a better life.
  16. I wanted to tell her the truth but I couldn’t. She wanted to stay away from us.
  17. I live in Big Apple. I live on my parents. I live out in California. I live alone in my apartment.
  18. She lives in Danang. She lives on her family. She lived out in Saigon. She lived away 2 years ago.
  19. I teach her everything. I teach them English. We teach our students American accent.
  20. She teaches us everything. She taught us English. We taught our students British accent.
  21. I will move in next week. I will move out this month. I will move away from smoking section.
  22. She just moved in yesterday. She moved out last month. She moves her chair a little nearer.
  23. How often do you exercise? How often does he go to the gym?
  24. I exercise once or twice a week. He goes to the gym in even days. He works on the odd days.
  25. When did you buy it? Who does he buy it for?
  26. I bought it last year.  He buys it for his ex-girlfriend.
  27. What did you do last night? What does he do every every morning?
  28. I hanged out with some friends until midnight. He jogs around the park every morning.
  29. What are you planning to do? What is she planning to do now?
  30. I’m planning to get married to her and settle down. She’s planning to study abroard.
  31. Who do you love most in your family? Who does she like best among the friends?
  32. I love my parents most, I guess. She likes Anna and Nina best, I guess.
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